Warung Data is a company which is specially engaged in the exploration, analysis and intelligence data,

In this new information age so many scattered data both online and offline, so large-capacity data are thus categorized into Big Data. The data stalls experienced in parsing and processing Big Data into information that can be easily understood, both visually in real-time computing (realtime) or manually in the form of a written analysis..

Product & Development

NLP-ID | Natural Language Processing - Indonesia Language
As discussed based text processing engine that can translate machine language into human language with the latest algorithms, specifically to process Indonesian who has a high degree of difficulty in semantics, agnosik and ambiguity. NLP's basic ability to be a reference point in building data analysis products and intelligence data.

Product & Development

MDA | Meta Data Analysis - Indonesia Language

As a machine that automatically based NLP to process analysis and exploration of data, translated into diagrams visually attractive and easy to read. Perform the retrieval of data on a massive scale to thousands of online media on the internet, social media networking and media messaging popular in Indonesia. With data storage capacity is huge, backed up with data streaming technology and clustering servers belonging to point data, the information can be presented in real-time computing (realtime), and can be requested at any time, as the work of the search engine but based on specific data.